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September is ADCA’s Donation Drive…and this week is DONATION WEEK!

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Donate this week and be entered to win a Kindle Oasis!

Donate by midnight on Sunday, Sept. 22 and you have a chance to win a brand new Kindle Oasis with a cover.

Even if you’ve already donated, you can donate again and be entered to win!

Did you know?

Deal receives one of the lowest per-pupil allocations in DCPS. So your generous tax deductible donations are critical for Deal. Funds are especially needed for important programs happening in the first weeks of school. So far this year, your donations have supported:

  • science supplies

  • mindfulness training for teachers

  • planners for 6th graders

  • supplies for 8th Grade IB projects, arts and theater

Funding is also used for technology, after-school clubs, professional development, assemblies for students and staff...the list goes on!

Click here for more info & to DONATE!

Others ways the whole community can support Deal include:

click on the link below to use Deal’s Amazon Storefront when you shop…

Volunteer your time throughout the year…try to donate 5 hours for deal

become a deal sponsor

We're looking for companies and organizations to support programs and activities here at Deal in a variety of ways. Click here to find out more.