Attendance Policy

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Alice Deal’s Attendance Procedures

  • When a student is absent or late for an excused reason according to DCPS policy (see list below), parents should provide a written note or email to or

  • Please copy your child’s team on any email communication with Ms. Stephens and/or Ms. Harper at the team address.

Attendance Counselor Contact Information

Ms. Stephens’ email:
Ms Harper’s email: hah-na’ 
Phone: (202) 939-2010 (ask to speak to Ms. Stephens or Ms. Harper)
Office: C117

Important Changes Made to DCPS Attendance Policy:

1) The Office of Youth Engagement now identifies students that have accrued 10 unexcused absences as “chronically truant".

2) Students over the age of 14 must be referred to court once they have reached 15 unexcused absences.

3) Students must be at school 80% (attend at least 5 class periods) of the entire school day in order to be considered “present".

4) This year the DCPS Attendance Policy states that only one school visit may be classified as an excused absence.

5) If your student is absent for the observance of a religious holiday, please email within 5 days so that it may be coded as an excused absence.

For additional information, please visit:


According DCPS Attendance Policy, excusable reasons for late arrivals and/or absences from school are as follows:

  • Student illness/sickness (If a student is absent for five (5) or more cumulative days per term, further documentation is required beyond communication by the parent for the absence to be excused.);

  • Death in the student’s immediate family;

  • Necessity for a student to attend a judicial proceeding as a plaintiff, defendant, witness or juror;

  • Observance of a religious holiday;

  • Temporary school closings due to weather, unsafe conditions or other emergencies;

  • Medical reasons such as a doctor’s appointment.

  • Failure of DC to provide transportation where legally responsible; and

  • Emergency circumstances approved by the Chancellor’s Office.

  • A copy of the DCPS excuse note can be downloaded here