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Alice Deal Middle School
3815 Fort Dr, NW
Washington, DC 20016

Phone: 202-939-2010
Fax: 202-282-1116
Nurse: 202-939-2009

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Staff Directory

Welcome Center Staff
Roslyn Baxter, Office
Jose Giron,
Jeff Henderson, Office
Tita Jones, Administrative
Lisa Winston-Stokes, Business

Sylvia Stephens, Attendance
Attendance Office,

Leadership Team
Diedre L. Neal,
Stacey Gathers, 6th Grade Assistant
Marcus Moore, 7th Grade Assistant
Patrick Rottman, 8th Grade Assistant
Arielle Alphonse, Special Education

Deans, Counselors, and Social Workers

Thomas Byrd, Dean of
Elyse Lerum, Dean of

Camille White, 6th

Joy Monkou, 7th

Johnet Travers, 8th

Social Workers
Hilary Katz, 6th

Peter Boccardi, 7th

Danielle Morin, 8th Grade,

Instructional Coaches / Academics

Language & Literature Coaches
Cancila, Megan,