Lunch Menus

Breakfast, after school snack and after school supper are free for all DCPS students. Students attending Provision 2 and Provision 4 schools and students who apply and qualify for free and reduced meals will receive free lunch. Students classified as paid or who have not submitted an Application for Free and Reduced Meals by the October 1st annual deadline are required to pay for lunch meals.

School staff and visitors are required to pay for all meals and must set-up and load funds into a meal account in advance of service. To set-up a meal account or to transfer your information to another school, please use the Adult Meal Registration Form.

Meal Prices (prices are subject to change)
Student Lunch -  $3.30
Adult Breakfast - $3.00
Adult Lunch - $4.00


Meal Charge Policy

Secondary schools will be given the option to support the cost of charging or not allow charging. Schools allowing charging will implement different procedures for notifying parents and guardians of their child’s meal balance. Schools not allowing charging will be responsible for communicating the policy change to their school community and will mandate students show their student ID to receive a lunch meal.  Students attending schools that choose not to allow charging will not be given a lunch if they do not have enough funds in their account to cover the cost of the meal.

Meal Payment

All lunch meals must be paid for in advance of service. Students and school staff can prepay for meals three ways:

  1. By bringing cash or check made payable to the D.C. Treasurer to the cafeteria staff before, in between, or after meal periods.*
  2. By inserting cash into a MyPAL Kiosk, located in our just outside of the school cafeteria (if applicable).
  3. By paying with a credit or debit card at**, an online prepayment service.


*DCPS will no longer be taking cash during meal service
**Parents or guardians will be charged a $1.95 fee per transaction.