Prospective Families


Interested in learning more about Deal? Please plan to attend one or more of the events below.

Open Houses (9:00 - 11:00 AM) 

Open Houses have ongoing student-led tours. You will see the school from a student perspective and be able to ask questions. Dates for SY 19-20 are coming soon!

Principal’s Coffee

These are casual sessions with Principal Neal on several Wednesdays from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM where you have a chance to ask questions. Dates for SY 19-20 are coming soon!


Buddy Days

Every year, the Alice Deal 6th grade students and teachers host a day for each of our feeder school 5th grade students and their teachers to visit for part of our school day. This is our chance to proudly present our school to future middle school students.

We will update the 2019-2010 Buddy Day Schedule soon!

  • Murch: TBD

  • Bancroft: TBD

  • Shepherd: TBD

  • Lafayette: TBD

  • Janney: TBD

  • Hearst: TBD


Enrollment in Three Steps

  1. Complete the Enrollment Packet: Download the full enrollment packet

  2. Provide proof of DC residency: Review residency verification guidelines(link is external)

  3. Bring the completed Enrollment Packet to the welcome center .

Have specific enrollment questions? Call us at 202-939-2010 or email Welcome Center at or


All eligible DCPS students have a guaranteed right to enroll in their in-boundary school. Look up your boundary assignment here.

For DCPS School Year Feeder Patterns, please see here.



Moving from a smaller elementary school setting challenges many students in middle school.  A successful transition to a larger environment, an environment full of students, varied classes, and long hallways, can be intimidating.  At Deal, we get it.  Our approach is to see the transition to 6th grade as a year-long process.

Students in our six feeder elementary schools are first introduced to Deal through our very popular ‘Buddy Days.”  These half-day events bring 5th graders to the halls of Deal, guided by peers who usually graduated from the same elementary schools as the visitors. In the fall, Deal administrators visit each of the feeder schools, providing important information about the transition, expected changes, and how middle school works. Parents and students are also encouraged to come walk through the school (with ID badges!) at their leisure and without a guide, in order to get a real sense of how the school operates.

During the spring, Deal counselors visit feeder schools to administer math placement tests and to gather information about who is planning to attend. The summer has more placement test opportunities (for those who didn’t attend a feeder school, for example) and a “bridge” program set up to address student Math and English needs before coming to Deal.  The Friday before school starts, new families are encouraged to attend 6th Grade Orientation. This allows them to meet their teachers and start to learn their way around.

Once school starts, the transition continues.  The first advisory is a period of adjustment for everyone. Parents are encouraged to attend parent workshops. These cover topics such as student organization, using Aspen (the online grading system), and communicating with your child’s team.