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It is important that students and families study the Rehearsal schedule.  Our musical directors have a new policy this year for the musicals. Students will only be permitted one excused absence from rehearsals.  Please note that once the show is cast, some of the characters may be excused early or not called on certain days.  


Questions?  Please email

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Thanks to Niamh Brennan for these wonderful photos!
Click here to download Seussical program

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Photo credit: Niamh Brennan 


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Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of
Romeo and Juliet
for putting on a wonderful show in November!

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The Alice Deal Middle School Theater Department produces four shows per year including one Shakespeare Play and three large-scale musicals. We are supported by the Alice Deal Community Association (ADCA). The ADCA supports Deal activities, such as the theater program, through the generous financial support from parents and the community. We rely on these donations to provide supplies for sets and costumes, as well as to compensate the professionals who direct and design the shows. 


Alice Deal Middle School has one of the best drama departments in the whole city, and it is powered by our parents with support from the ADCA. The Deal Theater organizing committee is looking for parents who are interested in volunteering for the 2018-2019 Deal Theater season and recruiting and training other parents to help as well. We need everything from costumes to lights & sound, to set construction, makeup, and Box Office skills. Experience is great, but we also welcome willing and excited first time volunteers. Contact


Are you or your child in Seussical the Musical production? Click below for more info!