Weekly Bulletin - October 21st

Principal's Message:

As you know, this week marks the end of the first advisory. Our teachers and students have worked hard over the past eight weeks, and we have demonstrated growth in academics and in many areas of social-emotional learning. Although students are not in school on Thursday or Friday, we will host an opportunity for students to make up missing assignments on Thursday morning during Zeroes Aren't Permitted (ZAP). Thursday's session of ZAP will begin at 9:00 am and end at 12:00 pm. Students who need to participate in ZAP are required to arrive by 9:15 am. It is imperative that students are fully aware of the assignments they need to complete. Students should communicate with all of their teachers to ensure they have the necessary assignments for ZAP on Thursday.

Unity Day

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Wednesday, October 24 is Unity Day! We encourage all members of the Deal Community to wear and share orange to show we are together against bullying and UNITED for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Kudos to our grade-level counselors (6th grade - Camille White; 7th grade - Joy Monkou; 8th grade - Johnet Travers) for developing our advisory lessons for the week that will incorporate the theme of Unity Day: Be Kind.

Every child is capable of bullying. At times, popular and powerful children use bullying to maintain their power and popularity. Another possible cause can be the feeling of pain, pressure, or not feeling good about him or herself. Hurt people, hurt people. Children may project their negative feelings onto others, using bullying as a coping mechanism. Young people may also observe examples of bullying behavior every day through media, politics, TV reality shows, other kids at school, and even family dynamics. They may not understand that such behaviors are not acceptable anywhere.

If you discover that your child is has been bullying others, please assess your child's actions without rushing to judgment and focus on understanding the behavior that's involved before deciding on the appropriate consequences. We will continue to enforce the DCPS District-Wide Bullying Prevention Policy at Deal (available here in English and Spanish), and remain committed to working with families of the students who are bullying and being bullied to resolve issues in a caring, solutions-oriented manner. Our leadership team will receive further training from former parent and Director of the Citywide Bullying Prevention Program, Suzanne Greenfield, in order to proactively respond to bullying with trauma-informed practices.

Lockdown Drill

In accordance with the School Emergency Response Plan and Management Guide, schools must conduct two (2) lockdown drills during the 2018-19 school year. In coordination with "Safe Schools Week", all schools must conduct their second mandatory lockdown drill on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. Please contact our Director of Strategy and Logistics, Kari Brandt (kari.brandt@dc.gov), if you have any questions regarding this week's Lockdown Drill.

Noche de cine en Español | Spanish Movie Night
We are looking forward to seeing the entire Deal Community on Friday, October 26 at 6:30 pm for Noche de cine en Español! We will be showing El libro de la vida -- The Book of Life. This free event is open to all Deal families and friends. Come out and enjoy a night filled with food and fun! 

Onward and Upward!

This Week at Deal (October 22, 2018)

Monday - Bell 1 | Tuesday - Bell 1 | Wednesday - Wednesday Bell 

Mark Your Calendar! 

October 25th | No School for Students - PD for Staff

October 26th | No School for Students - PD/Records Day for Staff

October 26th | Spanish Movie Night - 6:30 pm

6th Grade Updates

Assistant Principal

Marcus Moore | Marcus.Moore3@dc.gov

6th Grade Support Team 
Camille White, Counselor  | Camille.White@dc.gov

Hilary Katz, Social Worker | Hilary.Katz@dc.gov

6th Grade Team Information

Team New Delhi -Ms. T. Peteet -DealNewDelhi18@gmail.com

Team San José -Ms. N. Wesselhoft -DealSanJose18@gmail.com

Team Georgetown -Mr. M. Martini -DealGeorgetown18@gmail.com

Team Cusco -Ms. A. Beckley -DealCusco18@gmail.com

Team Lusaka -Mr. M. Martis -DealLusaka18@gmail.com

7th Grade Updates

Assistant Principal

Alieze Stallworth | Alieze.Stallworth@dc.gov

7th Grade Support Team 
Joy Monkou, Counselor  | Joy.Monkou@dc.gov

Peter Boccardi, Social Worker | Peter.Boccardi@dc.gov

Upcoming Event

7th Grade Parent Night | November 15 (5:30 pm - 6:30 pm)

The 7th Grade Science Department has made a wishlist. If you'd like to make a donation that can support us in having more frequent and advanced labs for our students, please click here

7th Grade Team Information

Team Cartagena-Ms. M. Belser -DealCartagena18@gmail.com

Team Kigali -Ms. A. Lashley -DealKigali18@gmail.com

Team Kinshasa -Mr. R. Smith -DealKinshasa18@gmail.com

Team Madrid-Ms. A. Perrin -DealMadrid18@gmail.com

Team Alexandria -Ms. T. Wickersham -DealAlexandria18@gmail.com

8th Grade Updates

Assistant Principal

Patrick Rottman | Patrick.Rottman@dc.gov

8th Grade Support Team 
Johnet Travers, Counselor  | Johnet.Travers@dc.gov

Danielle Morin, Social Worker | Danielle.Morin@dc.gov


Are you applying to Duke Ellington? Do you want to learn more about High School Night and high school visits? Please consider donating to the Math Department's DonorsChoose Project! Please click here for more information.

National History Day

National History Day students turned in topics this week.  If students haven't turned in their topic sheet, please do so ASAP to Ms. Trenkle in E305. For the next two weeks, students should read a book/article related to their topic to inform their understanding of the person, topic, or era. Furthermore, there is a research trip for all NHD students to the National Archives on Wed., 11/7, departing Deal at 12:30 and returning to Deal by 5 pm.  Students received their permission slip and a letter detailing the trip at our class on October 17.  Students in need of another permission slip form (or any papers) can find them on the I&S Hub at tinyurl.com/Grade8History under the NHD link on the left.  

Needed: Spanish Speaking Volunteers to Speak on Immigration Panel

8th grade Spanish 2 students are wrapping up their first unit about immigration by engaging in conversations in Spanish with people who are either immigrants or have been impacted by immigration. Students will be participating in interviews with students from Cardozo International Academy, but to prepare, we are hosting an immigration panel to allow students a chance to practice their questions and listening skills.

During the panel, you would be asked basic questions in Spanish such as: are you an immigrant? Where are you from? What motivated you (or your family) to come to the United States? What cultural traditions do you maintain in US from your country? Have you returned to visit? Etc.  

There will be 5 panels, each about 50 min, taking place on Wednesday, November 14, from 9:30 am - 1:40 pm. If you speak Spanish and would like to participate, please contact kathryn.wooten@dc.gov or anna.henderson@dc.gov to sign up. We greatly appreciate your support!

ELA Q2 novel
For second quarter's unit on Voices of the Revolution, all eighth grade students are required to purchase or loan the novel Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. If ordering online, please select ISBN-10: 1416905863 or ISBN-13: 9781416905868. If you are unable to obtain a copy for the second quarter, please have your child's ELA teacher know as soon as possible. 

8th Grade Team Newsletters

Team Bridgetown -Ms. C. Daniels -DealBridgetown18@gmail.com 

Team Kyoto -Ms. D. Hampton -DealKyoto18@gmail.com

Team Copenhagen-Ms. N. Massaquoi-DealCopenhagen18@gmail.com 

Team Ushuaia -Ms. M. Parish -DealUshuaia18@gmail.com

Team Lagos -Mr. M. Haller-DealLagos18@gmail.com

Parent and Student Information | Week of October 22


Tomorrow, during recess, students will have an opportunity to participate in a wrestling demonstration featuring Evan Silver, a former nationally ranked wrestler from Stanford University. The demo will be lead by Wrestling to Beat the Streets, a nonprofit organization that has partnered with DCIAA this season to help build interest in the sport. Boys and girls are encouraged to check out tomorrow's demo and join the team! Deal's wrestling team will start its second season next week and students who might be interested should swing by the demonstration to ask questions and sign up with Coach Smith, who can also be reached via email at DealWrestling@gmail.com.


As we approach the end of 1st Advisory, Aspen is an important tool for students and families.  Read more about how to interpret grades and the advisory change here.

Full text:

To view current class grades in Aspen, click the "Academics" top-tab.  First Advisory will remain the default term through at least October 26th.  After Aspen rolls to 2nd Advisory, you will be able to continue to view 1st Advisory grades by moving between terms using the drop-down menu.

To view assignment grades by class, select a subject and click the "Assignments" side-tab.  Assignment information, including numerical scores will be listed.  You may also see the following symbols:

Symbol - Meaning

X (exempt) - student is excused from completing the assignment; assignments with an "X" do not impact a student's grade

R (exempt) - the assignment has been received but has not yet been graded; assignments with an "R" do not impact a student's grade. This symbol should be replaced by a numerical score within 10 school days.

Ungraded - this means that the teacher has not yet entered a score/symbol for the assignment. It may be that the assignment is not yet due or that the teacher has not yet graded the assignment; "Ungraded" assignments do not impact a student's grade.

0 - a score of zero. This indicates that a student has not turned in an assignment. The score of zero is factored into a student's grade.


The first round of Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place on Tuesday, November 6th from 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm.  Conferences with team teachers are by-appointment-only. Starting Monday, October 22nd, you can sign up for a conference using this link (https://ptcfast.com/schools/Alice_Deal_Middle_School). All non-team teachers (World Language, PE, Art, Music, Resource etc.) will be available for drop-in conferences.  

Families of 6th Graders:  If you don't have a specific concern and would like to connect with your child's teachers in a casual setting, RSVP here to attend the 6th Grade Coffee Hour from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm on Tuesday, November 6th in lieu of making conference appointments.

Team teachers will also have conference appointments available during the afternoon on Monday, 11/5. Please note that elective teachers will not necessarily be available that afternoon.  


This weekend, twelve of our Lincoln-Douglas debaters attended a high school tournament at Freedom High School in Chantilly, Virginia. With over 130 debaters representing 23 schools from across the DMV, Deal debaters achieved a number of recognitions:

Emmett Browosky (4-0 record, 1st place in the junior varsity division)

Lucy Chamberlain (4-0 record, 4th place in the novice division)

Sophie Reeves (3-1 record, 1st place speaker in the novice division)

Emmett's performance places him as part of an elite group of local debaters qualified to attend the Metro-final Championships in March when the league will select their attendees for the national championships in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over the Memorial Day weekend.   

Last weekend, ten of our Public Forum debaters attended a high school tournament at Dominion High School in Loudon County, Virginia.  With over 220 students representing 32 high schools from across the DMV, Deal debaters achieved the following recognition:

Karam Weigert and Claire Abrams (3-1 record, 14th place in the junior varsity division) and earned a partial qualifying leg for the Metro-final Championships as well. 

Please see additional Debate News and updates here.


We will have our first IB Night on Wednesday, December 5 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Come and meet our IB coordinator and learn more about what the IB has to offer your student here at Deal and beyond.


Each year, the Deal World Language Department organizes amazing Spring Break adventures for 8th grade students studying a language. Registration for the February Trip to Guatemala and Study Abroad Application Information are now available! Please click here for additional information.


The health of your child is of utmost importance to us and DC law requires Health Forms be submitted every year for every student. Health Forms include: A Universal Health Certificate and an Oral Health Assessment. All Deal students who have submitted their annual Health Forms by November 2nd will be entered into a raffle to win a fire HD8 with Alexa or an iPad Mini!

Please click on this Health Form link to download forms. Copies are also available in the Welcome Center.

If you need health insurance or dental insurance, you may qualify for Medicaid or subsidized health insurance. Visit https://dchealthlink.com for more information.


We need help accessing our systems in the ceiling of the cafeteria. Do you have access to a cherry picker or scaffolding that will reach a 20' height and the time to help us out? Please contact Kari Brandt (kari.brandt@dc.gov) for more details.


Harry Potter, Yoga, and more! Please click here for a list of our staff-sponsored activities.


Girls' and Boys' Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming and more! Please visit the Athletics Department Link for information about this week's tryouts and practices.


Want your child to visit the library after school? Please complete the Library Permission Slip.


Need to know how to get to Deal



Here is this week's Alice Deal Community Association update. Feel free to contact the ADCA with questions and comments at ADCAPresident@gmail.com

LAST CHANCE - ALICE DEAL DIRECTORY - Confirm your Information 
We submit the file to the printer Tuesday morning. If you have not verified your data, please look for the email sent out from Deal@atozconnect.com and follow the instructions to log in. If you did not receive an email, check your spam folder and if it is not there, please send an email to dealdirectoryupdates@gmail.com with your child's name and grade and we will update our records and send you a verification email.

POLITICS & PROSE BOOK FAIR / Oct. 27th 9am-7pm and 28th from 10am-6pm

Come support Alice Deal Middle School at the. This local favorite independent bookstore donates 20% of all sales to our school. Come shop for your family and purchase books from the teacher wish lists. Volunteers are needed to help. Sign up if you can give a few hours: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0E4DA8A82CA13-politics. Questions? Contact Eileen Dombo (eileen@eileendombo.com).

ROMEO & JULIET @ DEAL / Nov. 2 at 6:30pm / Nov. 3 at 12:30pm

This year's Shakespeare production is Romeo and Juliet.  Please come support the Deal thespians! Tickets to the show are $5/student and $12/adult and can be purchased here: Here is the link to purchase your tickets.  Please also considering supporting theater at Deal with a well wisher ad.  These ads go into the show's program and are a great way to show your support for the Director, staff, students, or just Deal in general!  Well wisher ads can be purchased here: here(Well-wisher ads must be purchased and copy received by 11pm, 10/24.  Please send draft ad copy to Ari Zentner at arizentner@gmail.com.  Please contact Ari with any questions)

INTERNATIONAL NIGHT / Thursday, Nov. 15th, 6:30-8:30 PM  / Alice Deal Cafeteria.  Please sign-up as soon as possible before November 8th to bring a dish and/or volunteer.  Please bring enough of each dish to serve 15 - 20 people.  In addition to delicious foods, there will be music and entertainment!

A few reminders about International Night:

  • International Night is also to raise funds for the Albright Scholarship to help send the Deal 8th graders on their annual international World Language trips to places like China; Costa Rica; and France.  We need and appreciate your continued support!  You can donate online and at International Night.

  • Bring your dish with you to the cafeteria, which will have table space for the different regions of the world.  Volunteers helping that day, please arrive at 5 p.m. in the cafeteria. 

  • Make the night festive!  Wear the traditional clothes and/or colors from your country or region of the world.

For further information, please contact International Night Co-Chairs: Leonie Stephenson (leoniestephenson86@yahoo.com) or Federiqa Bindi (federiga.bindi@uniroma2.it).

Thank you for all your support of the ADCA and of Alice Deal. Here's to a great year.

Maan & Peter, 2018-19 ADCA Co-President

Community Information

(Items in this section are not sponsored by Deal)

Do you have a community event or organization you would like to see included in the Weekly Bulletin? Please contact dealbulletin@gmail.com with submission requests.

Expert DCPS Math and SSAT/ISEE/HSPT Tutoring AvailableChevy Chase Prep coaches students through successful middle and high school transitions all year around. We have extensive experience with math acceleration, SSAT/ISEE, HSPT, and Walls preparation, and competitive middle and high school admissions. Local references attest to our expertise, and to students' confidence and performance on standardized tests. We:
-- Proudly offer individual tutoring in DCPS Eureka Math to motivated Deal students-- Expertly coach the SSAT, ISEE, and HSPT. Last year, we had a 100 percent record of first-choice independent school placements-- Are NWDC-based and woman-owned 
Please visit us on the web at: chevychaseprep.com; email us at chevychaseprep@gmail.com;phone us at 202-670-7855.

Fall Tennis Classes for Alice Deal Students Tennis classes are available for Alice Deal students at nearby Lafayette Park on the M4 bus line this Fall. Classes are for beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate tennis players. At 4:30 pm there are classes available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. At 5:30 pm there are classes available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Go to www.LafayetteTennis.org to check the schedule and skill level for the classes. Late registration will be prorated. If you have more questions, you can call or text Paul Rosenbaum at 202 441-0925. 

Stay up to date with Wilson HS Families who are considering or have decided to send their student to Wilson High School next year can stay up to date on all the activities happening there by following the school and the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) on twitter. The Wilson PTSO is @WilsonPTSO and the Wilson HS account is @Wilsonhsdcps Families can get a flavor for clubs, activities, sporting events, student achievements and other news. 

Janney ES 5k and Fun Run - Saturday November 17The race registration for this year's race is now open. The race will start and finish at the DCPS Janney Elementary School. The racecourse covers the USATF-certified neighborhood course through AU Park. Click here to register: www.janney5k.com.

BOY SCOUT TROOP 90 WANTS TO WELCOME ALICE DEAL STUDENTS!All boys eleven or older are invited to join Boy Scout Troop 90 at Blessed Sacrament School. Troop 90 holds weekly meetings Wednesday nights at the Parish Center at 3630 Quesada Street NW from 7:30 - 8:30 pm and monthly campouts. Scouting gives young people the opportunity to explore a world beyond the boundaries of everyday life.  You get to try new things, develop friendships, provide service to others, build self confidence, and develop leadership skills.  And have fun while doing it!  Our activities include learning first aid, emergency preparedness, wilderness survival and other merit badges, rock climbing at Seneca Rocks, camping in Gettysburg National Military Park, backpacking in Philmont, New Mexico, scuba diving in St. Croix, ski trips to Wisp, community service projects, and many more.  We have scouts from Alice Deal and many other schools throughout the area.  Please come Wednesday night and check it out. No obligation!  No scouting experience necessary.  Any questions please contact Troop 90 Scoutmaster Keith Morrison at (202) 236-1624 or kmorrison@vsadc.com. You can also see our website at troop90dc.org which was created and is updated by the scouts.
Saint Ann's located at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Yuma Street NW. Please enter to the left of the main church entrance off of Wisconsin Avenue. Proceed through the iron gate on the left to the door that the end of the walkway. 

Sign up for The Flying Notes Children's Choir Ease on down the road with the Flying Notes Children's Choir! This semester students will learn repertoire from popular African American musicals; Porgy & Bess, The Wiz and Dreamgirls.  The semester will culminate in a showcase performance on December 15th!  Register before September 15th to reserve your spot! Register link: http://quartertonez.com/register/

Megan Maples