Weekly Bulletin - March 10, 2019

Principal’s Message

Thank you to all of the families who joined us for our Parent-Teacher Conferences on Friday. Our teachers appreciate your support. If you have not received your child's Progress Report for the third advisory, please reach out to your grade-level administrator.

Career Week-This is Career Week at Deal. Our counseling department has planned a series of interesting activities for the week. Students and staff are encouraged to wear college gear on Wednesday. On Thursday, we will welcome a number of speakers who will share information about their careers with our students. A special thank you to Ms. White for facilitating this wonderful opportunity.

One of My Favorite Days - Pi Day -Thursday, March 14 is Pi Day!!! Pi (Greek letter "π") is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant - the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter - which is approximately 3.14159. All of our math teachers have planned fun, standards-based lessons to celebrate all things pi!

6th Grade

Math 6 - Students will develop the concept of pi by determining how many times the diameter of a circle can go around the circumference. 
Math 7 - Students will use the ratio pi to find the volume of a cylindrical object of their choice. 

7th Grade
Math 7 - Students will see pi as a proportional relationship between the circumference of a bubble and its diameter. 
Math 8 - Students will see pi as a linear function between the circumference of a bubble and its diameter. They will compare the linear function to the relationship between the volume of a bubble and its diameter which is a non-linear function. 

8th Grade 
Students in 8th grade will use the ratio of pi to compare the volume of a cylinders with different surface areas.

Overcoming Racism WorkshopWe have a few spaces left for the Overcoming Racism Workshop on Saturday, March 23 (9:00 am - 3:00 pm).  Please RSVP here.

Onward and Upward!


Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 8.20.00 PM.png

Purchase your tickets here. Performances on Wednesday March 27 at 6:30 pm, Thursday March 28 at 6:30 pm, and two shows on Saturday March 30 at noon and 5:00 pm. Flying carpets, sword fights, magical genies and wonderful music. You will be transported to a whole new world by our incredibly talented eighth graders. Adult tickets are $12 and student tickets are $5. You can also purchase a well wisher ad for your friends or family members or sign up to sponsor the show as well. Ad copy due by March 22. Please email copy to aladdindealmusical@gmail.com. Remember, Deal Theatre is entirely supported by donations from the Deal community and the ADCA. Please help us spread the word and encourage your neighbors and friends to come out and see our amazing 8th Grade Musical  Aladdin. Thank you for supporting Deal Drama.

This Week at Deal (March 11, 2019)

 Monday - Bell 1 | Tuesday - Bell 1 | Wednesday - Wednesday Bell | Thursday - Bell 1 | Friday - Bell 1

Mark Your Calendar! 

March 14th | Career Day

FitCampNation Summer Camp at Deal

FitCampNation Summer Camp is back again with more fun, excitement, activities and games than ever before! We will focus on fitness, intro to sports and enrichment, structured play, and nutritional education, all in a fun and nurturing environment!

Session info is as follows:

Session 1: June 24th through June 28th
Session 2: July 1st through July 5th (no camp July 4th or 5th)
Session 3: July 8th through July 12th
Session 4: July 15th through July 19th
Session 5: July 22nd through July 26th

**1/2 Day options available for RISE students 

**10% sibling and multiple week discount available.
**Early Bird pricing available until April 1st.   
Please email us at fitcampnation1@gmail.com with questions or visit the FitCamp Website. Registration link: REGISTER FOR FITCAMP HERE

6th Grade Updates

Assistant Principal

Marcus Moore | Marcus.Moore3@dc.gov

6th Grade Support Team 

Camille White, Counselor  | Camille.White@dc.gov

Hilary Katz, Social Worker | Hilary.Katz@dc.gov


Ms. White will be offering an after-school group for 6th grade students. The group is called Banana Splits and focuses on students who have experienced parental/family separation or other kinds of loss. This group is voluntary and provides a safe space for students walk through issues that may arise in a changing family unit. Parents may reach out to Ms. White at camille.white@dc.gov if they are interested in having their student attend. The group will meet this Thursday, March 14.


Every 6th grade student was asked to log a book into Beanstack during the 1st week of February to participate in this year's reading challenge.   Each month we will celebrate the top reader on every 6th grade team.  The top 5 readers for February will attend a field trip to Politics and Prose at 10:30 am on Thursday, March 7th hosted by Fabien Cousteau, one of the foremost experts in oceans and ocean creatures and grandson of renowned ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau! He'll offer an informative talk on sharks-his specialty-and the subject of his new graphic where 2 fictive junior explorers join Cousteau on a marine expedition for a close encounter with a great white.  Students will also have lunch provided for them by Mr. Moore.


At the beginning of the 2nd advisory we started a peer tutoring program involving 25 8th graders acting as peer mentors for 25 6th graders.  Every Friday, these students pair up with each other to work on skills in reading or math. This advisory, we welcomed a new group of 6th graders to participate in the program. 

6th Grade Team Information

Team New Delhi -Ms. T. Peteet-DealNewDelhi18@gmail.com

Team San José-Ms. N. Wesselhoft-DealSanJose18@gmail.com

Team Georgetown-Mr. M. Martini-DealGeorgetown18@gmail.com

Team Cusco-Ms. A. Beckley-DealCusco18@gmail.com

Team Lusaka-Mr. M. Martis-DealLusaka18@gmail.com

7th Grade Updates

Assistant Principal

Please reach out to Principal Neal with questions or concerns

7th Grade Support Team 

Joy Monkou, Counselor  | Joy.Monkou@dc.gov

Peter Boccardi, Social Worker | Peter.Boccardi@dc.gov

Science Field Trip 

The 7th Grade Science department will be leading a field trip to the Natural History Museum in a few weeks. Please be on the lookout for a permission slip from your child's Science teacher. The teams will go on the following days: 3/25 Kigali, 3/26 Madrid, 3/27 Cartagena, 3/28 Alexandria, and 3/29 Kinshasa. Students will need to have either a Kids Ride Free Card or a normal Metro card and a lunch. 

7th Grade Team Information

Team Cartagena-Ms. M. Belser-DealCartagena18@gmail.com

Team Kigali-Ms. A. Lashley-DealKigali18@gmail.com

Team Kinshasa-Mr. R. Smith-DealKinshasa18@gmail.com

Team Madrid-Ms. A. Perrin-DealMadrid18@gmail.com

Team Alexandria-Ms. T. Wickersham-DealAlexandria18@gmail.com

8th Grade Updates

Assistant Principal

Patrick Rottman | Patrick.Rottman@dc.gov

8th Grade Support Team 

Johnet Travers, Counselor  | Johnet.Travers@dc.gov

Danielle Morin, Social Worker | Danielle.Morin@dc.gov


Purchase your tickets here. Performances on Wednesday March 27 at 6:30 pm, Thursday March 28 at 6:30 pm, and two shows on Saturday March 30 at noon and 5:00 pm. Flying carpets, sword fights, magical genies and wonderful music. You will be transported to a whole new world by our incredibly talented eighth graders.  Adult tickets are $12 and student tickets are $5. You can also purchase a well wisher ad for your friends or family members or sign up to sponsor the show as well. Ad copy due by March 22. Please email copy to aladdindealmusical@gmail.com. Remember, Deal Theatre is entirely supported by donations from the Deal community and the ADCA. Please help us spread the word and encourage your neighbors and friends to come out and see our amazing 8th Grade Musical  Aladdin. Thank you for supporting Deal Drama.


Congratulations to all students who participated in the School wide NHD Competition on March 7.   Listed here are those who will advance for National History Day citywide competition on Wednesday, April 10 at the National Archives and Records Administration.  Students will receive registration instructions, judges feedback, and further directions on Monday.  Please plan to see Ms. Trenkle in her room at 3:15 until 3:30 pm to receive judge's feedback and Citywide Registration Directions.  All Students must be registered for Citywide by March 15.  We will meet on Wednesday during Activity period in the cafeteria to discuss registration and next steps.  Again, CONGRATULATIONS!


Model UN will meet on Wednesday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm in Room E305. See you then!


This is a trip that supplements our 8th grade U.S. History curriculum.  It is linked to our standards and is a wonderful opportunity to experience History with hands-on activities! Students will explore history from across our curriculum:  Lewis and Clark, John Brown's Raid, and Storer College. Please click here for additional information about this exciting opportunity!


The HHH here trip to Montpelier will not be happening on May 4. I'm sad that we were able to get one off the group for this year but will reevaluate strategies for the future and hope that they will be successful in coming years.  Thank you for your interest and historical enthusiasm.  :)


All 8th graders, please bring your Gettysburg permission slip, and payment ($65, checks made out to ADMS) to your I&S teacher.  Permission slips and information can be found at http://tinyurl.com/Grade8History.  Students in need of scholarship should contact Mr. Rottman at patrick.rottman@dc.gov . It is an expectation that all 8th grade students participate in our field trip on 3/29.  Parents interested in chaperoning should contact their child's I&S teacher.  

8th Grade Team Newsletters

Team Bridgetown-Ms. C. Daniels-DealBridgetown18@gmail.com 

Team Kyoto-Ms. D. Hampton-DealKyoto18@gmail.com

Team Copenhagen-Ms. N. Massaquoi-DealCopenhagen18@gmail.com 

Team Ushuaia-Ms. M. Parish-DealUshuaia18@gmail.com

Team Lagos-Mr. M. Haller-DealLagos18@gmail.com

Parent and Student Information | Week of March 11

Congratulations to the top 6th grade readers for February:

New Delhi: Eva Koropoulos

Georgetown: Sara Londoño Del Rio

Cusco: Sophie Schell

Lusaka: Rafi Fox

San Jose: Martina Zoido Tortella

These students logged the most minutes for their team in Beanstack (our reading log program--all students can access and log reading minutes in Clever).

They celebrated with a trip for lunch and to Politics & Prose to hear author Fabien Cousteau.

They offered suggestions for other students to increase their reading and logging minutes:

*get book suggestions from trusted friends or relatives

*read the genres you prefer, like mystery or sci-fi

*carve out a time you read everyday, and log the minutes right after

*read to a younger family member

All 6th graders are encouraged to keep reading and logging our minutes so we can reach the goal of reading 1,000,000 minutes this year!


Want to know when you or your student misses an assignment or receives a low score? Opt into Aspen's notifications to receive an email when a grade below the threshold you set is posted. Click 

here to see how to set up notifications for your account.


Want to know how to support your child academically and emotionally? In the attached newsletter are strategies for parents of students who are struggling or have special needs. This section will be updated periodically with support strategies, resources, and workshops for parents and students in the next coming months.


Next week is Career Awareness Week at Alice Deal. The speaker portion of this will be held on Thursday, March 14, 2019 from 8:30 am -10:00 am. During this event we would like to give our students the opportunity to explore a variety of careers and learn how education is connected to a successful future!

If you or someone you know is interested in joining us on Career Day, please contact Ms. White (camille.white@dc.gov).


The annual Doodle for Google illustration contest is here! Interested students can pick up an entry form across from the Welcome Center to illustrate this year's theme "When I grow up, I hope...". One completed entry per student can be submitted to Ms. Kouri's mailbox in the Welcome Center through March 13 to be entered in the national contest. More information can be found at https://doodles.google.com/d4g/.


Last year, Deal 7th graders read a book and recorded a podcast for the Book Club for Kids Podcast. It has just been released! Check out Alysia, Saleem, Kimberly, and Juan in their podcast debut at http://www.bookclubforkids.org/.


The power of a yearbook: it keeps the memories alive forever. Click here to preorder one for your student today; it will be treasured for years to come. 


Running Club's Spring Season begins tomorrow, and softball is happening soon! Please visit the Athletics Department Link for information.


Want your child to visit the library after school? Please complete the Library Permission Slip


Please click here for a list of our staff-sponsored activities


Need to know how to get to Deal?


Parents, please remember to email excuse notes to alicedealattendance@gmail.com.

Excuse notes (including doctor's notes, school visits, etc.) are processed within two school days, after which Aspen will be updated. If we need further information, will reach out via phone or email.

The following events qualify as excused absences per the DCPS policy:
  *   Student illness/sickness (for five or more absences per term, a doctor's note is required)
  *   Medical/dental appointment (please provide a note from the medical provider)
  *   Student judicial proceeding (please provide document from court verifying presence)
  *   Religious holiday/event (please list the holiday/event in note)
  *   Death in the family
  *   Other (please provide details in your note. Please understand that under DCPS policy, only certain absences may be accepted as excused absences).

As a reminder, per the DCPS attendance policy, excuse notes must be received within 5 school days of the student's absence. The full DCPS Attendance Policy can be found here.


Here is this week's Alice Deal Community Association update. Feel free to contact the ADCA with questions and comments at ADCAPresident@gmail.com.


ADCA has set up an Alice Deal Community Association Storefront on Amazon, which nets the school a much higher dividend from your purchases than we were getting last year. Click the red SHOP AMAZON button on the front of our website (scroll down a wee bit). You can also follow this link to our page https://amzn.to/2nPsbnu.   Thanks for your support! 

Thank you for all your support of the ADCA and of Alice Deal. Here's to a great year.

Maan & Peter, 2018-19 ADCA Co-President

Community Information

(Items in this section are not sponsored by Deal)

Do you have a community event or organization you would like to see included in the Weekly Bulletin? Please contact dealbulletin@gmail.com with submission requests.

Join Woodrow Wilson High School's International Nigh

tWednesday, March 13th 6 - 7:30 pm in the Wilson Atrium$5 Admission includes: face painting; arts & crafts; games; exhibits including five embassies and cooking demonstration; eleven performances; and lots of food! All proceeds directly benefit the Wilson International Studies Program (WISP) academy.

Wilson Feeder Education Network 

Our next Ward 3 - Wilson Feeder Education Network meeting is Monday, March 11th at 7pm at the Tenley-Friendship Library.  We are very happy to host Council Chair Phil Mendelson.  Our March meeting will be a great opportunity to hear his vision for education in the city and to ask questions.  In particular, it will be a good opportunity for us to ask about the recently released report on overcrowding, and we will likely be in the thick of budget season.

Tenley Tiger Run - Sunday, April 28, 9 am - Register today!

Race with the Wilson High School Cross Country Team (2018 boys and girls city champions;2018 girls state champions) and Track & Field Team (2018 girls city champions; 2018 boysstate champions) and student athletes around Tenleytown in Washington, DC! Run the 5K,Tiger Mile, or Cub Run (for our youngest runners). Walkers are welcome. Register as a team oran individual. Awards will be given for the top teams and age groups. Proceeds help support theWilson Cross Country and Track & Field teams. Register now: www.tenleytigerrun.com/register
826DC Free Spring Break Camp for Students 826DC, a nonprofit in Columbia Heights, will be hosting a spring break camp titled "Got Your Back Comedy Camp". Students are able to register for the camp by visiting our registration form.
This free camp is for middle and high school female identifying students within the District. The camp will take place on April 15-19, 2019th. For additional information about this program, please see the attached flyer.

You're Invited: Tiger Athletics Bash, Saturday, March 16
The Wilson Tiger Athletic Boosters announce the inaugural Tiger Athletics Bash on Saturday, March 16 to raise much-needed funds for our Tiger athletes.The WTA is inviting Deal families-especially parents of student-athletes-to join us. Wilson coaches, families and friends are attending, so this is a great opportunity to tap into Wilson's amazing community before your kids transfer to Wilson. Tickets are only $50 (wine, beer and food included!) and may be purchased at http://tigerbash.givesmart.com.The WTA Tiger Bash is also accepting items for the silent auction, live action, and donations for the Fund-a-Need campaign. Unleash Your Roar!  

Travel This Summer With CISV The DC chapter of CISV is looking for a few boys and girls, ages 10-13, to join their Village, Interchange and Youth Meeting summer programs in Indonesia, China, Portugal and Mongolia. Several current and former Deal students have participated in these amazing and life-changing experiences. Delegations are being assigned this week, so apply today at http://www.cisvdc.org/current-travel-programs. To learn more, check out the website at http://www.cisvdc.org/ or email Perita Carpenter at Perita.Carpenter@gmail.com.The purpose of CISV is to educate and inspired individuals to become active and contributing members of a peaceful society-active global citizens. Programs run from 10-28 days long.

Just Tryan It Kids Triathlon
Grab your friends and race for a cause at the 10th annual, JUST TRYAN IT Kids Triathlon!  Kids ages 6-14.  All abilities welcome! JUST TRYAN IT raises funds to benefit local families battling childhood cancer.  Join us, Sunday June 16, 2019 at Landon School in Bethesda.  Early Bird registration is open and limited.  Don't be disappointed... Register Today!  www.jti.run/flyer-be 

Book & Bake Sale March 1-3 at National United Methodist Church
3401 Nebraska Ave. NWBook & Bake Sale features thousands of books, CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, well organized and at great prices.Friday 9 am to 8 pmSaturday 8 am to 6 pmSunday 9 to 11 am (Mega Clearance Sale!) Credit cards accepted and check out our new rare books section. 

Church located at corner of Nebraska & New Mexico avenues, across from American University. 
FREE PARKING! For more information, please seehttps://nationalchurch.org/booksale https://nationalchurch.org/booksale Proceeds to benefit two preschools in Mt. Pleasant and Ward 7 and a DC summer reading camp for elementary school kids.Check us out on Twitter @metroumw or email metroumw@gmail.com for questions.

Free Field Hockey Clinic at DealWould you like to learn field hockey? Field Hockey players from Wilson High School are hosting a free field hockey clinic on Sunday, April 28th from 9:30am-12:30pm on the Deal field. This is open to ALL skill levels. Equipment will be provided. If you're interested in registering or would like more information please contact sjk.fieldhockey@gmail.comDC Stoddert Soccer's

Recreational Program 
Soccer season is around the corner, and registration for DC Stoddert Soccer's Recreational program for Pre-K to High School is open! Join a team, or get some friends together and form a team. Training programs for tots, youth, and adults are also available, as is a February break camp!  Check is all out here: www.stoddert.com. For more information, contact information@stoddert.com or 202-338-1910 x10.

Expert Tutoring AvailableChevy Chase Prep coaches students through successful school and college transitions all year around. We have extensive experience with academic writing, math acceleration standardized test preparation, and competitive placements. Local references attest to our expertise, and to students' confidence and performance on standardized tests.  We proudly: -- Provide individual tutoring in academic writing, math/math acceleration, and other subjects to motivated middle and high school students -- Coach the SAT and ACT, as well as college selection and application processes, including Common and Coalition Apps and essay writing -- Offer DCPS and family discounts  -- Are NWDC-based and woman-owned  Please visit us on the web at: chevychaseprep.com, and email us at chevychaseprep@gmail.com.

Stay up to date with Wilson HS -Families who are considering or have decided to send their student to Wilson High School next year can stay up to date on all the activities happening there by following the school and the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) on twitter. The Wilson PTSO is @WilsonPTSO and the Wilson HS account is @Wilsonhsdcps Families can get a flavor for clubs, activities, sporting events, student achievements and other news. 

Boy Scout Troop 90 Wants to Welcome Alice Deal Students! All boys eleven or older are invited to join Boy Scout Troop 90 at Blessed Sacrament School. Troop 90 holds weekly meetings Wednesday nights at the Parish Center at 3630 Quesada Street NW from 7:30 - 8:30 pm and monthly campouts. Scouting gives young people the opportunity to explore a world beyond the boundaries of everyday life.  You get to try new things, develop friendships, provide service to others, build self confidence, and develop leadership skills.  And have fun while doing it!  Our activities include learning first aid, emergency preparedness, wilderness survival and other merit badges, rock climbing at Seneca Rocks, camping in Gettysburg National Military Park, backpacking in Philmont, New Mexico, scuba diving in St. Croix, ski trips to Wisp, community service projects, and many more.  We have scouts from Alice Deal and many other schools throughout the area.  Please come Wednesday night and check it out. No obligation!  No scouting experience necessary.  Any questions please contact Troop 90 Scoutmaster Keith Morrison at (202) 236-1624 or kmorrison@vsadc.com. You can also see our website at troop90dc.org which was created and is updated by the scouts.

Boy Scout Tropp 100 -Boy Scout Troop 100 welcomes interested boys to come for a visit to learn more about Scouts and the Troop 100 program which includes camping, hiking, and community service.  The non-denominational Troop meets on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at Saint Ann's Church on Tenley Circle.  Scouts range in age from 11 to 18 and come from public, charter, independent, and home schools.  The Troop has weekly meetings, monthly camping and hiking trips, and annual high adventure trips.  Additionally, community service hours are a key part of the Boy Scout experience.  Troop 100, "The Century Troop" is the oldest Troop in in Washington D.C. and recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary.  Please come check us out.  If you have any questions or would like to confirm a visit, please contact bsatroop100.dc@gmail.com

Saint Ann's located at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Yuma Street NW. Please enter to the left of the main church entrance off of Wisconsin Avenue. Proceed through the iron gate on the left to the door that the end of the walkway. 

Megan Maples