Alice Deal Community Association

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The Alice Deal Community Association (ADCA) is a non-profit corporation organized to promote mutual cooperation among families, teachers, and school administrators at Deal to serve in the best interest of all students at Deal. Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a student enrolled at the school is a member of the Alice Deal Community Association, as is any teacher or administrator.

Please volunteer with us to ensure the 2019-20 school year runs as smoothly as possible!
Click to meet the current board members.
The following positions are still open:

Gala Fundraiser (2 chairs + members open): Committee chairs + committee members will help organize our annual fundraiser party, happening in February 2020.
Extracurricular Chair (1 opening): Work with the ADCA Sports Chair to streamline after school activity enrollment with Deal Staff.
Deal Gear Coordinator (2 openings): Manage Deal Gear sales at key school events and build a volunteer corps of parents, middle or high school students to help. Great activity to do with a friend.
Hospitality (2 chairs + members open): Join one other committee chair to help provide food throughout the year for teachers and staff; and coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring. This is great activity to do with a friend or team of friends.
Theatre Arts Liaisons (4 openings: 1 per grade level + 1 Shakespeare lover, or 2 dynamos who love theatre arts!): Deal is fortunate to put on three musicals, one for each grade, plus a Shakespeare play each year. We need liaisons for each grade level musical and for the Shakespeare production to work with the director and organize a team of theatre arts parents for ticket sales and concession sales for each performance.
Communications for Social Media Specialist (1 opening): We need someone who is Twitter, Instagram and Facebook literate to push out key ADCA information to families and Deal students. Join a team of 2 other communications specialists.

Email the ADCA presidents for more information or to volunteer.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Why should every family support the ADCA?

Every year, the ADCA puts together a budget to fund enhancements to the school and its programs that benefit every student in some way. These include:

  • Academic enrichments

  • Technological enhancements

  • Annual team-building trips

  • Deal Theater department

  • Sports teams and clubs

  • Community service programs

  • International student travel

  • Classroom enrichment

  • Science and lab supplies

  • Teacher appreciation

  • Professional development

Donations Mean a Great Deal! 

A $250 donation is the suggested fee per student for annual ADCA donations. Our 2018-2019 budget of about $200,000 is approximately $250 per student. This is only about $20 a month for all the programs, events, activities and the extras that make our children’s middle school experience unforgettable. If you are able, we encourage you to sponsor another student as well.